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Transcode later via software update mode allows to use a digital radio in one mode while connecting to a reflector in another mode. The dvmini was my original point of entry into the world of dmr over three years ago and then was a new dongle with some issues not the least its accompanying softwarefirmware, but it worked for me. Dmr itself is great and there are ways using the mini to access both dmarc and brandmeister reflectors and tgs. Dv4mini ham radio digital hotspot c4fm, dmr and dstar va2pv. Below are my instructions to get the a beginner started with their new dv4mini. Clearly the dv4mini software is misidentifying the com port and unfortunately there is no way that i can find to set the com port manually. It contains a powerful 32bit micro controller as well as a complete 70cm transceiver and modulatordemodulator for gmsk and 4fsk including raised cosine as well as a usb interface. Dv4mini ham radio digital hotspot c4fm, dmr and dstar. Follow the screenshots to configure your personal information in the dv4mini software in the dv control tab. Dec 28, 2018 brandmeister usa team kills dv4mini it has been apparent for some time that at least one of the members of the brandmeister usa team has it in for the dv4mini. The dmr plus network is developed and operated by the dv4 team, the brandmeister network by a team of russian developers and the dmrmarc network by the motorola amateur radio club.

This is not an instruction how to install but just to check your configuration. The dongle running on the mini pc is local, so i use the fixed ip 127. I sent my dv4 mini back to the manufacturer and they said it was working just fine. In the dv4mini software, insert your dmr id in the dv control section, enter your local frequency and select your operation mode. A local ham, dai mw6dqq, recently bought himself a dv4mini dongle, and epressed some difficulty setting up his computer to use it, i took a look at the available instructions but the available instructions leave much to be desired.

Update 312019 the dv4mini software has been going through a great deal of changes. It consists of a powerful 32 bit micro controller, a complete 70 cm transceiver and a modulatordemodulator for gmsk and 4fsk incl. The problem is in the network and the network programmers are currently fixing it. I program my dstar radios the same as using the dv mega 436. New release of dv4 mini software and firmware but older dv4. Dv4 mini digital voice and data hotspot for dstar, dmr. The dv4mini implements a dmr hotspot in a usb dongle stick. I finally got it working on dmr last week, and i am now very happy with it. Original dv4mini software has limitations to access the socalled dmr reflectors. For dmr it can only be used on a single receivetransmit frequency. Hotspot device software os cell phones as wifi hotspot. Enter to the expert settings tab under choose nearest dmr master and choose brandmeister that you want.

The firmware and software upgrade for standard dv4mini is to improve the dmr qrg correction, this is now automatic. It operates in the 2 meter band, at 222 mhz and the 70cm band. By logging in, you are able to manage any dongle that is matched to one of your dmr ids from anywhere in the world. On the dv control page, set your callsign, city and locator.

The dv4mobile is another member of the successful family of dv4 products. Besides the experimental dpmr mode, the new qrg correction aid seems very usefull. Thanks to ulrich prinz dc3ax for his hard work in support of the dv4 community. I wanted it for a dmr hotspot and tried it on three.

New dv4mini version with mmdvm dmr protocol and support for dv4miniambe. C4fm, dstar, dmrplus, dpmr, p25 nxdn later via software updatevoice over lte and of course, fm. Enter or select the required talkgroup id and press ok if you dont want to login, you can still use the old way to manage your dongle without login, but then you are only able to edit dongles that are on the same ip as you are. I have made an simple instruction to get your hardware platform run. Of course the softwarefirmware represents work in progress. For the ambe folks you now get pc access to c4fm version of 6. The current software version only supports dstar and dmr, in the. Step 5 make sure your windows firewall does not block the internet access to the software, otherwise no need to make any port forwarding. Changes include enhacements for ysf reflectors, dmr, dstar as well as the introduction of a text chat window.

Also, there has apparently been a software development that permits them to be treated as though they are a hotspot which is actually what they should have been to begin with that is fully accepted as a way to get onto brandmeister. Timeslot or talkgroup selection are currently not supported by the original firmware software. After i purchased a dv4mini data transceiver and tested it in dmr and c4fm i decided that it was time to put all together in a small package that i could use as a portable digital gateway. There have been occasional actions to block users of the dv4mini from connecting to the master servers operated by the usa team. The dv4mini comes without antenna with its software for connection with dcs, xrf and ref reflectors for dstar icom mode, as well as p25, dmr plus and. It incorporates changes through dv4mini software version date 20170517. Now to the expert panel where i checked the autoconnect option and set my dmr master to usaeast. The interface between the gui and the dv4mini software is also. There was a bit of a learning curve, not only to the mini but also to dmr. The dv4mini control software can also be used with some of the dvmega boards with a firmware update. Raspberry pi autostart for the dv4mini software 1create autostart directory homepi. Run the dv4mini application form your desktop, wait for a few secs for the.

Doing this will break the website do this at your own risk. Eachdcsreflectorhas26roomswhichareallocatedtovarious regionsofacountryorcontinent. The ic7600 uses a silicon labs cp210x usb to uart bridge running at 19200 8n1 instead of 9600 8n1. You cannot just enter your call sign in the dv4mini software, you must enter the dmr unique id, this will give you access to all the reflectors and all modes. My understanding is that they wanted to reallocate that block for dmr talk groups. Aug 19, 2015 dv4 mini digital voice and data hotspot for dstar, dmr and fusion recently launched in germany and about to be released in other parts of europe is the dv4mini, a usb stick which can give you a 10mw personal hotspot for your preferred digital voice modes with dstar, dmr and fusion all covered. That is the reason why we did mapping of talk groups into reflectors. Dv4mini usb stick for dstar, dmr, fusion and p25 digital radio. Here is a list of reflectors that may be available in the dmr section of the dv4 mini. Note before you try to use dv4mf2 software you need to first install ones of the original versions above to get all the needed drivers etc latest dv4mf2 version 22nd may 2016 here v2. It also includes my brandmeister xtg dialer for use with extended routing.

Update 312019 the dv4mini software has been going through a great deal. Is it already 12 months since purchasing a dv4mini and experimenting with dmr, fusion and dstar. Dv4mini not supporting dstar ccs7 callsign routing d. Dvmega on a raspberry pi uysing mmdvmhost software.

This hotspotbrings the dstar or dmr reflector directly into your shack. I have not experienced the problems some have done with this product, although this latest firmware and software is the. D stardmr hotspot usb stick the dv4mini is a very small but also very capable usb stick that can expand any pc into a hotspot for the dstar and dmr modes c4fm fusion is in development. Start with burn a new western dstar image on your sd card. Amateur radio, ham radio, dmr, dstar, ysf, hamshack hotline, allstar. It is possible to connect several dv4 mini dongle on the same computer with a simultaneous use of multiple reflectors, even in mixed modes dstar and dmr. In this video, i take you step by step on how to set up your dv4mini. Dmr radio dv4mini raspberry pi 3 update 982019 the link for the k2dls and the xtg dialer has expired in the text below. Brandmeister iniciar sesion con contrasena y autenticacion.

Apr 07, 2018 the dv4mini implements a dmr hotspot in a usb dongle stick. I have not experienced the problems some have done with this product, although this latest firmware and software is the best yet. The dv4mini is a tiny but powerful usb stick that can change any pc into a hotspot for the all amateur digital modes, c4fm, dstar and dmr. As pascal describes, a compact version of the software has been developed by klaus dl5kv to suit a small screen setup. Uses a comprehensive but simple to use software package which allows for the linking with dcs reflectors for both dstar and dmr reflectors. Of course the software firmware represents work in progress. Today i put together the new portable dv4mini setup that is described and demonstrated here in the dv4minicompact software video pascal va2pv. It can not handle the tdm mode of a real dmr repeater and works always on ts2 and tg9 local in simplex mode. Dv4 mini digital voice and data hotspot for dstar, dmr and. I can easily switch from dmr using one radio to dstar using another radio. New release of dv4 mini software and firmware but older. Follow the screenshots to configure your personal information.

Also, they added c4fm support for the dv4mini ambe version. Traditional xrf and ref reflectors are available again. The dv4mini is a usb dongle for usage as a hotspot for ham radio digital voice modes. Running a small control panel software available for windows and linux requires mono. The firmware and software upgrade for standard dv4 mini is to improve the dmr qrg correction, this is now automatic. Installation and start of the dongle went without any hiccup.

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