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The apparatus technical images are produced by apparatuses. To develop this point, we could combine lems thinking about evolutionary design. Flusser studies 29 2020 centennial threepart issue. Flussers philosophical thoughts are examined through earlier writings including the books history of. Still, that was the moment he deliberately ordered particular texts in a particular way in one language. Heideggers and flusser s style and use of german is undeniable. From old central europe to cyberspace vilem flusser was born may 12, 1920, in prague, the capital of czechoslovakia. Flusser was born in prague between the wars to an educated, uppermiddle class jewish family. Instagram and the new selfportrait, brooke wendt examines the significant hold that the selfie, or the digital selfportrait, has over self and society. He held brazilian citizenship and wrote most of his work in german and brazilian portuguese.

Flusser s earlier writings and his biographical details must be a part of our enquiry. This text contextualizes vilem flussers exile in brazil during the turbulent period of the. It shapes flusser s texts to such a degree that it is possible, while reading his work,to believe that one actually hears flusser s voice or that one is carrying on a conversation with him. An etymological essay vilem flusser in the english language, the word design is both a noun and a. Vilem flusser in 1986, after the international success of towards a philosophy of photography, vilem flusser started to publish regularly in artforum magazine, new york. Marc lenot flusser and photographers, photographers and. The other photographer to whom flusser was particularly close is the catalan joan fontcuberta born in 1955. In fact, one might argue, that flusser s writing impetus was sparked, among other things, by his confrontation in the early 1950ies with heidegger whose style he avidly incorporated in his own writing turning it, however, to completely different philosophical ends. Towards a philosophy of photography vilem flusser reaktion books. Walter benjamin, vilem flusser and giorgio agamben. Flussers writings are intertexts full of more or less concealed allusions, transformations.

Vilem flusser, the computer and the written word this thesis treats the life and work of the philosopher vilem flusser 1920. This essay looks at some of flussers writing, collaborations, and. Flusser s work notably elaborates a theory of communication, theorising the epochal shift from what he termed linear thinking based on writing toward a new form of multidimensional, visual thinking embodied by digital. West and the east, art and science merge, the senses and the codes come together, the eye, the. Click on a datetime to view the file as it appeared at. On that occasion, the french texts mentioned earlier were translated into german by wilhelm miklenitsch under flusser s direction, and some new text was dictated as well. The book artforum essays gathers together for the first time all twentyeight essays, both published and unpublished, which flusser wrote for the magazine until his tragic. In saying this, one presumes that the typical characteristics of. No doubt flusser considered the decisions tentative and ambigu ous. Vilem flusser e a terceira dor do homem ou as dores do. Vilem flussers innovative writings theorizeand ultimately embracethe epochal shift that humanity is undergoing from what he termed linear thinking.

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