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Rally navigator streamlines the process of creating rally navigation roadbooks using the power of digital mapping and gps. Wheels rallye team is committed to being the leader in creative assembly of gimmick road rallyes and fine auto sport events that touch both the brass ring of. The road book is one of the most important parts of dakar. Classics or modern classics, at least 20 years old incl. Mobile app records roadbook route including gps track and waypoint description distance, voice notes, text notes, pictures on android. In the dakar, competitors are given a roadbook with total kilometers, a tulip.

A beautiful route, most through the french countryside, an exciting competition in. Landkaart noordeuropa met route baltic sea circle editie nl. David castera, with his experience of organizer, bike rider and codriver auto, in collaboration with bike riders and codrivers of the rallyraid. Discover an example of roadbook in colour for cars, ssv and trucks. We serve motorcycle, sxs, utv, buggies, cars, and trucks. That is the european adventure road trip of the year. A street legal car, covered by an automobile insurance policy. Roadbooks can be displayed in cross country or road rally format and automatically highlight main tulip arrow, dangercaution. Rally navigator will automatically capture segment and total distance, generate a simple tulip, capture cap heading and gps coordinates.

Tarmacburning bikers, offroad addicts and lovers of stylish classic cars, put your trust in thetripy ii gps and experience the rides. Creer et editer vos road books papier et electronique, profitez du tracking, des chrono. Drag and drop nogo road sections into tulip box and shape with your mouse to match the road preset at waypoint. The european 5000 adventure rally 2020 european rally nl. Images are proposed there to facilitate the creation of the road book. The winning team of the european 5000 rally roadbook competition will.

Roadbook creator edition rallye is to help drivers in taking notes for a ride. Whether youre sam sunderland fighting for victory or at the back of the field simply fighting to survive, its that scrolling manuscript of numbers and arrows, highlighted in marker that will guide you from one of the stage to the other. Altijd het laatste dakar nieuws en rallyraid nieuws. The instructions are known as pace notes and they are read by the codriver from a book while the two drive as fast as possible through a closed section of road called a stage. Rally roadbook reader connects to rally navigator desktop software. The rallye aicha des gazelles is often compared to the dakar.

The 66th chapter of the tulpenrallye book has been written. You need to know how to read and interpret the roadbook. Rally navigator mobile app rally roadbook recorder gps. Your car needs to be road legal and will have to pass a basic safety inspection which includes all working lights, windshield wipers, rearview mirror, working brakes including a parking brake, seat belts for each occupant, a working horn and tires in road worthy condition. If the car is following a cap of 20 degrees, and the new cap is 110 degrees. Rallye du maroc 2020 past zich aan, introductie digitaal roadbook. A rallye is defined as a form of auto competition that takes place on public or. The european 5000 adventure rally 2020 european rally eng.

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