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The only true animatronic in the third game is springtrap, who looks like a decayed golden version of bonnie. For 25 years todd mcfarlane, the canadian comicbook artist and. Most other animatronics have endoskeletons and support structures that. I figured it only made sense to kick things off with my episode all about five nights at freddys.

Meanwhile, john and charlie research fredbears history in the library. The game theorist episodes of a brief history are making their way onto the footofaferret. Fnaf plush five nights at freddy s nightmare springtrap funtime freddy chica mangle foxy bonnie plush keychain pendant toy brown 5. Springtrap is the overarching antagonist of the five nights at freddys franchise. The newest toyvideo game sensation is a parents worst nightmare. William afton is the creator of the twisted animatronics and the funtime animatronics, and the main antagonist of the novel trilogy the freddy files description. William aftonspringtrap five nights at freddys wiki fandom. He was a sadistic child murderer before the spirits of his victims made him jump into the springtrap suit, as he slowly died inside when he thought he was protected in there. Fnaf and gravity falls gravity falls crossover, fandom crossover, freddy s, vincent fnaf.

It was just a normal day in freddy fazbear s pizzeria. The true story of fnaf s4 ep3 springtraps story duration. The thing was if you breathed alot the suit wires will stab you. Though he was never officially charged, william left town quickly and his current. Springtrap five nights at freddys villains wiki fandom. Fredbear was rotting in the storage room with springtrap. He is a decayed animatronic rabbit possessed by serial child murderer william afton, due to the springlocks that allow the suit to be worn malfunctioning and killing him while he was wearing it. Springtrap and fredbear story by tony crynight youtube.

Springtrap is the mutilated corpse of william afton, trapped in a. Springtrap the rabbit is the secondary antagonist of five nights at freddys. Amber is a brave soul who takes on the position at freddy freddys p. Five nights at freddys often abbreviated fnaf is a media franchise based on an indie video game series created, designed, developed, and published by scott cawthon for microsoft windows, ios, and android. The series is centered on the fictional freddy fazbears pizza, a pastiche of pizza restaurants such as chuck e. Tale of a fnaf springtrapa fan fiction of five nights. Springtrap is an early model of a bonnie suit as he is referred to as spring bonnie by the phone guy on night 5 and by a girl in night 4 minigame of five nights at freddys 4. The series appeared in the guinness book of records. Nicholas, springtrap unable to keep the very simple story that hes always been a robot straight, deliah trying. So when using selfdefence he climbed into the springtrap suit and stared to laugh at the crying child known as marionett.

Amazon price history sfm fnaf animatronics customized fashion unique. Springtrap is a withered, decayed springbonnie suit, in which william afton has died and his soul is now trapped. The night guard is a girl who goes by the name of carly sampson. Five nights at freddys often abbreviated fnaf is a media franchise based on an indie video. Jeez, in the sake of jevil, a murderer in the house is scary deliah casually says that springtrap is a better dad,if she only knew. Here is an exceprt of this engaging fnaf fan fiction books for. Later in the book, the new wolf animatronic and twisted freddy. Springtrap is the main antagonist of five nights at freddys 3, and the true main antagonist of the franchise in general. The game has considered springtrap to be a mixture of golden freddy and bonnie. Welcome to the original diary of a wimpy springtrap series. Springtrap is the main and only antagonist animatronic in five nights at freddys 3. This attracts springtrap to the newbie, and he decides she would be perfe.

He is a heavily damaged rabbit animatronic of a dirty olive drab color. The origins and history of springtrap from the video game five nights at freddys. Every day at dinner, when the courtiers had withdrawn, and he was quite alone, a trusted springtrap had to bring in another dish. The book is a reimagining of the five nights at freddys story, and if you go into it with. The history of five night at kawais battle between springtrap and the purple girl fnaf 4. William afton novel five nights at freddys wiki fandom. Business partner to charlies late father, william afton was also one of the prime suspects in the missing children case from ten years ago.

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